Erin's Summer at Stanford
Help me help you help Erin.

YOU are so eager to move forward in life, but you know you could use an extra dose of courage, clarity and confidence.

ERIN is a hard-working, high school junior with a partial scholarship to attend Stanford University in summer 2017.

I'M a Personal Coach who can help YOU move forward through various online trainings that will also help fund the remainder of ERIN's summer tuition.

You in?
"Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours." - Les Brown
Live Classes Start May 25th, 2017!
Kim O'Neill (Me)
Personal Coach & Mentor
I'm a coach, youth mentor, online radio show host and full time Crime Analyst at a police department. I love hosting workshops, talking about personal growth and supporting people to feel more ease and inspiration as they move forward in life. I have several training presentations that are READY to go and I'd love to share them with you!  I've known Erin for 4 years and am so impressed with her commitment to herself. I know that through these trainings I can help you and together we can help Erin. Let's do this!
Awesome Person Who's Going Places
You are eager to move forward. You might be experiencing some discomfort in your life, but you're not quite sure why or what would help you feel unstuck. You've got ideas and aspirations swirling around in your head. You try to make headway, but don't feel like you're really making much progress. You're open to trying something new and love the idea of helping someone else in the process! You're ready to say YES to yourself and allow these trainings help you gain clarity and insight about your next steps.
Erin Williams
HS Junior & Stanford Student
In Spring 2016 Erin earned an opportunity to visit Stanford for a college tour. That's all it took for Erin to know her sights are now set on attending Stanford upon graduation. In Winter 2017 she applied for a scholarship to attend Stanford's on-campus summer school. Not only was she selected, she was awarded an $8,000 scholarship that covers part of the $14,000 tuition. The trainings offered on this page are one effort at helping Erin raise the additional $6,000. I believe in Erin and KNOW we'll be able to help her get there.
Are you ready to move forward?
You already have everything you need within yourself to live out the successful life you've always dreamed of having. Often times our biggest stumbling block, saboteur and critic - is none other than our own self. When we take time to reflect, see our situation from a different perspective and focus on what's important to us - our unique road map can become so much more clear. There is no one cookie cutter way to do life. You've been doing a great job, and I'd love to help you move even closer to what's waiting for you around the corner.
Choose any 4 trainings below for $97 OR ALL 9 trainings (+ extra Bonuses) for $197.
Trainings are approximately 90 minutes and all come with fun handouts to do during the class.
They will occur LIVE online in a safe group environment, but also be recorded in case you're not able to attend live.
1 - Visioning & Goal Setting
Thurs, May 25th - 6:30PM PST
2 - Transitions & Transformations
Sat, May 27th - 10:30AM PST
3 - Courage, Risks & Rewards
Thurs, June 1st - 6:30PM PST
4 - Combating Self-Sabotage
Sat, June 3rd - 10:30AM PST
5 - Your Strengths & Talents
Thurs, June 8th - 6:30PM PST
6 - Confident YOU
Sat, June 10th - 2:00PM PST
7 - Authentic YOU
Thurs, June 15th - 6:30PM PST
8 - The Leader in You
Sat, June 17th - 10:30AM PST
9 - Law of Attraction Basics
Thurs, June 22nd - 6:30PM PST
Pricing Options
There are 2 awesome options to choose from! Click on the button below the one that fits you best. All sales are final. 
The Happy Helper
  • Choose ANY (4) 90-min Trainings
  • Fun Handouts for each class
  • Safe Group Environment
  • Trainings Offered Live via on dates specified above
  • All Trainings Recorded & Emailed
The GO-Getter!
  • Get ALL (9) 90-min Trainings
  • (1) BONUS Guided Group Meditation - Magnetize What You Want to You - Saturday, June 24th @ 10:30AM PST (via Zoom)
  • (1) 1-hour Moving Forward Coaching Call
  • Access to Closed Facebook Group
*** Within 24 hours of registration, you'll receive a confirmation email with links to your specific trainings. If selecting the 4-training option above, be sure to indicate which 4 you choose when you register (you'll type it into the "NOTES" section.)***
"... without the inner work, the outer doesn't." - Marcia Wieder, Dream
Let's DO this!
Because I love coaching and leading workshops so much, I'm certain you will enjoy your time in these trainings. You'll feel energized, inspired and have more clarity on whatever your unique situation is.  It's because I've been super eager to start sharing these trainings sooner rather than later, that is the biggest reason why they are so affordable right now. I'm also incredibly excited about the idea of being able to support Erin in accomplishing her goal to attend Stanford this summer - and YOU get to be a HUGE part of that! How awesome would that feel for you to know you helped a smart, focused girl like Erin go to STANFORD UNIVERSITY?!?! Seriously - you rock! I get the pleasure of sharing these trainings and helping you. You get the satisfaction of gaining new clarity and insight AND helping a girl with a big dream. Erin experiences the joy of seeing her dream come true and knowing with all certainty her future is brighter than ever! Let's DO this!
Where Will the Funds Go?
The first $6,000 earned from these trainings will go directly to Erin Williams for her summer school at Stanford.
25% of any additional money earned will go to support Operation Jump Start in Long Beach, CA - the non-profit youth mentoring organization where Kim & Erin met.
Learn More about Operation Jump Start HERE
"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
"Our greatest natural resource is in the minds of our children."
Walt Disney
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead